Trying and Failing

I’m a vol middle school leader @flatironschurch, I work as a sr. Linux sysadmin @SendGrid, I love @Colorado and I’m trying my best to be like Jesus.

That’s my bio on Twitter. The things I volunteer at, the church I go to, the job I perform, and even where I live may all change. But something I never want to change is that last part about trying my best to be like Jesus.

Something I told somebody today about myself was that I would take all the influence I have with everybody I ever meet — temporary and limited though it may be — and always point back to Jesus. That’s the most important thing to me.

I often feel like a fraud because I am nothing like Jesus. I mess it up everyday and I know plenty of times when I point to myself above all else.

But I am trying. And I am going to keep on trying. Trying and failing. Trying and failing.

The trying reminds me why I do it, the failing reminds me why I need Jesus.