Staying All In

I truly believe one of the hardest things in ministry is staying in. Many people who start in ministry do not finish. And I can scarcely count how often I have wished to join their ranks. I love ministry but at times I hate it, too. So this isn’t some cheery blog post where I’ll tell you it’s easy and I’ve never wanted to quit. Because I do want to quit. Often. (and in some seasons of life/ministry: all the time)

But here’s what I walk myself through when I want to give up:

Jesus loves me
I love Jesus
Jesus loves kids
I love kids
I want kids to know Jesus loves them.

Sometimes I get wrapped around the wheels thinking about effectiveness. I spent the last year hanging out with high school freshman – eating food, going on hikes, collecting food, going to camp, doing small groups and all sorts of stuff.

Does any of it matter? And if it matters, am I doing it the most effective way possible?

Because, honestly, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it matters and sometimes I don’t feel like it’s effective.

But then I go back to my list. I love Jesus because Jesus first loved me. And I know without any doubt that Jesus loves kids and I’m meant to tell them.

And you know what? I’ll keep working to improve and be a better leader, but man, let’s keep it simple. Jesus loves kids. And I get to tell kids that Jesus loves them.

How lucky am I?

Here’s to staying All In for sophomore year.