Less of Me

I’m writing this at the airport. It’s been a really long week away from home, I’m tired, exhausted really, my plane’s been delayed twice, the only vegetarian food I could find was a charred nasty veggie burger, and I’m not really looking forward to how hectic this week is going to be. 

I’m traveling with a friend, and I was just unloading my frustration when I realized what was going on. Twenty minutes ago everything was great. I got off a whirlwind tour of many LifeChurch.tv campuses, one of the best churches in the country. The tour gave me a renewed passion for all the amazing things God is doing. I said that I feel like I’m at the early stages of the Acts church and we’re seeing God do amazing things.

Nothing changed in those twenty minutes.  Nothing but my PERSPECTIVE. When I was focused on Jesus and what God was doing, I was thrilled and excited. When I was focused on my problems and situation, I was miserable. The only difference was where my eyes were focused.

I don’t have an amazing takeaway.  It’s just an observation. I need a lot less AJ and a lot more Jesus.