How Big Is Our God

We just concluded one of the most amazing series in our middle school program at Church. We’ve been talking about stories — real stories — our stories — God’s story.

We heard from Marlon, Tyler, Nicole, Me … but the stories I love most are the cardboard signs.

I have watched that last video over and over again. These are middle school students — and over the last 4 weeks we’ve talked a lot about life and what’s happening — and the stories have been incredible.

God is at work. Story after story after story. Don’t tell me God isn’t here and now moving. Don’t tell me God isn’t at work in this world. Don’t tell me God doesn’t care about you.

I have never felt more optimistic and encouraged about the future. I have never felt more sure of God’s presence and the power that is at work around me.

What a great time to be alive!

Scars and struggles on the way  But with joy our hearts can say  Yes, our hearts can say  Never once did we ever walk alone  Never once did You leave us on our own  You are faithful, God, You are faithful Matt Redman, Never Once