Burning Out

This is again one of those times when I speak out of my weakness. I can get crazy passionate about things. But I’m not content unless I am doing something. I don’t want to talk about doing something, I don’t want to endlessly plan something, I want to do something.

I have a few friends that are the exact opposite. They get passionate about something but then all they do is talk about it. Drives me crazy because they care, but all they do is talk, talk, talk, talk. Nothing drives me crazy like endless talking. Shut up and let’s do something!

I don’t think — or at least I hope that — there’s anything wrong with taking action. But the way I take action generally is pretty dangerous. I get on fire for something, but then I catch fire and it sucks the life out of me.

Something I’ve been learning lately (yes, it’s taking me 25 years to figure it out) is that God is in control. He doesn’t need me to do squat. I don’t have to worry.

But sometimes He let’s me get involved. Sometimes I get lucky enough that God asks me to bring the full might of all my resources down on something. My time. My energy. My money. Even all my waking hours of thought. But it’s not because I am bringing anything, but that God invites me to be a part of HIM bringing the full weight of His resources down on a situation.

And when you’re used to working in and being involved with the Church, it’s easy to see God move. Because God is moving everywhere! It’s incredible. It’s way too easy to think you need to be everywhere too.

But one thing I’ve found is that, often, it’s just better to get out of God’s way. Find something you’re crazy passionate and sink all your resources into that. You won’t be disappointed by the outcome. But you don’t need to be involved in everything. You can’t be involved in all of it. Accept it and give up the things you shouldn’t be doing. I think you’ll find more contentment — and effectiveness — in giving something up.

Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. (Romans 12:11, 12 MSG)