Don't Trust the Octopus

Little Man

“Someday, many people will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior through their lives. And as these registered children will be delivered from the bondage of spiritual and financial poverty. We are also looking forward for a transformed community.”

Our 8th grade life group sponsors a 13 year old boy named Dino in the Phillipines through Compassion International, and Compassion recently sent me a letter from the pastor of Dino’s church. I stopped dead in my tracks as I read the words: “Someday, many people will come to know Jesus … through their lives.”

Let that sink in. One day that 13 year old boy will be a full grown man. And the space between then and now is when Jesus gets to do something with his life and with his heart. And out of that, many people will come to know Jesus. Not by what he said. Not by what he did. But by his very life.

I was in Mexico recently on a company trip, and I spent a lot of time reading and praying. (A coworker asked me, “You came to Mexico to read?!” Shut up.) And God stirred something up in my heart that as soon as I recognized it, I knew things couldn’t be the same: fear. I dropped back and started to lead out of fear. I stopped leading out of faith. And out of it came sadness, and depression, and feeling like I need to perform, and desperation and a thousand other things. I took my eyes off Jesus and fell into the stinky water.

Faith in what? Faith that God will move in the hearts of students through my hands.

This phrase popped into my head yesterday: I lead leaders. I don’t lead students. I lead leaders. Cleverly disguised as rowdy, rambunctious, goofball 8th grade boys. And they are all of those things, but that’s not all they are. The enemy knows it. God knows it. I used to know it – but then I forgot. And God reminded me.

One day many people will come to know Jesus through their lives. The world will be different because they lived and because they loved Jesus. And their teachers can’t take credit. Their coaches won’t get the credit. Their leaders (hey that’s me!) won’t get the credit. And not even their parents will get the credit.

It will be God’s work. In their hearts. For His glory. Through our hands.

Lead out of faith that God knows what He’s doing in you and through you.

Oh and this is really important:

Don’t trust the octopus.